Artsnacks Unboxing October 2021 for Inktober. First Down and Ten to Go

Happy Inktober. It’s time to draw something every day following a prompt, and share to social media. And we got ink in this month’s Artsnacks box. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Should I use it for my Inktober daily illustrations or not?



What’s in the box?

The red Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink is very fluid and is easy to build up. The glass bottle holds 30 ml and has a built-in dropper. I love this ink. But I wanted to keep my Inktober posts in all black. So I’ll have to find other projects to use this ink.

The other color to pair with it comes a product name that I butcher. The Kuretake-ZIG Higashiyama Manga Liner works like a gel pen but has the form of a paint marker. The metallic green I got is a nice color, but I wish the nib had a little bit of flex in it. In hindsight, I probably should have did some water brushing this ink to see what kind of results I could get. It’s a great color with lots of sheen.

We got another brush in this box, a Winsor-Newton Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable brush, and my size 0 was good for the small details. Otherwise, I was using the ink bottle dropper to spread the ink around.

The last item in the box was another pencil. I’m surprised to find out that Mitsubishi makes pencils, or any art supply, and this pencil will leave an impression on me like a Fast and Furious fanboy loving Eclipses. (From a commenter on Youtube, I later found out that Mitsubishi makes the Uni- line of art and writing products. I have so many POSCA markers, but never looked at the tiny writing on the barrel of the pens! You learn something new every day.)

What to draw?

So it’s football season, and we got a guy running with the old pigskin. Does he score? Probably.. because I didn’t draw anyone else in the picture to take him down. Happy Inktober or whatever. So this is my #artsnackschallenge submission for the month of October.

Have a great day.


October 2021 Artsnacks

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