Finelines. Artsnacks Unboxing September 2021

Fine Liners, brush tip markers, and a paint marker. What could be better? Maybe more than one color on the paint marker.



I love blue, but was expecting some red or orange color this month to match the fancy fox I drew before opening the box. Ah well.. he’s going to be an arctic fox I guess. I’m not really sure what style of clothing he’s wearing. It’s more of a mishmash of different stuff. His own style. So coloring this gentleman was fun.

I watered down some of the blue acrylic paint from the Montana paint marker and used a brush from a previous art snacks box to give this dude his blue fur. Everything else became black or a medium gray.

The Derwent Line Makers are excellent fineliners and rank as high as some of my favorite fineliners. I just wish the selection came with a very, very fine, a medium, and a really thick instead of 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5 that was included. Permanent and professional quality, I will be using these a lot in the future.

The Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip brush pen is an old favorite. I had one of these from a previous box, and it performs excellent until someone in the house decides to press too hard on the brush tip ends. Fail. So I will be sure to hide this one and keep it to myself. A new favorite to keep in my supply bag.

The KUM magnesium Long Point pencil sharpener is a great size for portability. So far, it sharpens as expected, and the long point tip it creates is an advantage. This will be good to travel with instead of the cube-shaped triple-sharpener that artsnacks sent in the past.

Lastly, the ShinHan Art Touch Drawing pencil feels very solid and comfortable to work with. I’m happy to have a wood pencil, but a colored pencil would have been better in this box.   

A Fancy fox for the September #artsnackschallenge

Have a great day.

September 2021 Artsnacks

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