So Many Markers. Artsnacks Unboxing August 20

Well, it’s August and nearing the end of summer. But Artsnacks has arrived and it’s time to discover something new. These boxes come with all kinds of new products… and some that are repeats.


Let’s see… we have COPIC and KINGART brush markers in the same box? Awesome. Everyone knows COPIC. KINGART isn’t as widely known, but they lay down a decent color. Speaking of colors, the combination in this box could be better. I love both of these products.

Alcohol-based COPIC and water-based KINGART worked together on a piece of Stonehenge Warm White Paper. I found this pad of paper at the local Blick art store for cheap on the clearance rack.. SCORE!

Next in the box was the Stabilo Point 88 fineliner. This is a great pen for any use, even if I got a muted purple in this box. I have a whole set of these Point 88 fineliners. And while they’re cheap, they are reliable and come in a wide range of colors. Just be careful with the tip.

Last, the gimmicky Uni Kurutoga pencil doesn’t hold any value for me and will be a decent gift for someone else. I don’t have much to say about the pencil. Self-sharpening by rotating felt more like the point was always flat.

All in all, this is a decent box and the colors went well together. For my #artsnackschallenge , I started with a geometric shape and created a guy reading within the space. Looks like a comfortable spot to read up some pages, right?

Have a great day.

August 21 Artsnacks


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